Got any questions before you start your build? You can find answers to many of them right here. If not, drop us a line on 0121 371 0712 and we’d be delighted to help you out. 

At Steam Building Partnership we specialise in high-end domestic projects. Our expertise lies in building beautiful new build homes, high-spec extensions and internal renovations all around Birmingham. 

We work closely with the city’s best architects and liaise with our clients to deliver projects with fantastic finishes and the best service. We are very proud to have been involved on some gorgeous projects, and we’re looking to improves our reputation as one of Birmingham’s best-renowned building companies. 

It’s an exciting time for you. Initially we’d come and carry out a site visit to see the property and start a good working realtionship. We can usually call out within 2 working days, and can also do Saturday visits for your convenience. Site visit takes between 20-30 minutes depending on work required. We’ll discuss your needs and you can ask anything you might not be sure about.

Then, we draw up a detailed plan of work required and costs breakdown. We will also include start date and realistic completion date. Once we get the green light we usually begin work within 6-8 weeks.

You certainly can – our installation only service is very popular, and it’s fully guaranteed. If you send us a message with a picture of what you’ve got in mind, we can send you an estimate, no problem. 

About steam building partnership

Absolutely. Make sure you speak to them in case the builder has invented them.  Ask to see the work and forget about anyone who won’t show you work they have done.  Ask to see some older work as well as a recent job since there will have been more time for faults to become apparent.

We specialise in domestic projects and have completed dozens of projects in the Birmingham area so we have most likely done something very similar, with fantastic results. 

We’ve been in business since 2017. 

We cover the whole of Birmingham, as well as Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Walsall. Our main offices are in the Jewellery Quarter.

References from a supplier about a builder’s credit facilities and payment are a good indication of financial stability and management.  Also, check how long he has been with his current bank – beware someone who keeps changing his bank as this can indicate financial problems. 

Any changes should be put to us in writing and, if there is a knock-on effect on the costs and finish date, these should be put in writing too as an addition to the quotation or contract.  We remind out clients to not start a project thinking they can easily change your mind as they go along – most changes of mind will cost you money and cause delay.

We have an established team of trusted suppliers and builders, both in-house and via our long-term collaborators. 

We certainly are. 

It’s essential – and we only work with written estimates. Never accept a verbal assurance that it will cost ‘about £10,000’.  It’s important to distinguish between an estimate and a quotation.  An estimate is only an estimate, it has no binding force.  A quotation is an undertaking to do the job for a stated price.  You can move from an estimate to a quotation when you have established exactly what is to be done.  You may want to change a few things to save money after seeing the estimate.  The final detailed quotation should include all the work to be done, date of completion, security and safety, catering and toilet arrangements, disposal of rubbish, water and power supplies, hours of working and so on.  But better still, ask for a written contract.  You can download a standard one from the Federation of Master Builders website (www.fmb.org.uk).  

After an initial site survey and acceptance of an estimate/quote, we can start work in around 8 weeks. We try and give our clients realistic expectations about start dates, even if it’s not as soon as they might like. 

We run a small, high-end bespoke service, so we keep our projects to a minimum to ensure we are dedicating enough resources to get the finishes we – and our clients – want. 

We are legally obliged to have both public and employers liability insurance – ask to see his certificates.  You can see our affiliation down in the footer.

It’s much better if he does although it can be valueless in practice if he goes out of business.  As an alternative, you can yourself purchase a 10-year warranty to cover building work.  While this means you will have to bear the cost of insurance yourself, at least you will be covered.

In the vast majority of cases, this isn’t needed. However, if there is some kind of very expensive initial purchase to be made before starting, when we’d discuss with the client. 

If the job is big enough – for example, if it lasts four weeks or more – then we agree precisely defined stage payments. We stay in constant communication with our client during this period It is better to pay by bank transfer, cheque or credit card. If you can use the latter, then the card provider will be jointly liable for payment which may help you in the event of a dispute. 

You certainly can. Letting us know in advance allows us to guide you through everything do you have a clearer idea of the stage works are at.